Hair Care

Here at Essence of Shan Hair Boutique all of our hair are sourced directly from the countries of the origin. We take pride in the hair we provide and can stand firm behind the authenticity. Hair care is so important when installing virgin human hair. Properly caring for your hair means that it can last up to 3 years. Below you will find tips that we have provided to ensure you get longevity out of each and every bundle.

    Detangle hair using wide tooth comb or paddle wig brush from the ends up
    Condition or Cowash hair once a week
    For curly hair textures section hair off and twist at night
    Wrap your hair using a satin or silk scarf  for longer holds and less tangle
    Always allow your  hair to air dry
    Do not use shampoos that contain sulfate
    To refrain from hair buildup eliminate the use of oil sheen or heavy oils